Friday, February 15, 2013

MORTGAGES: Santander Fraud (Conversation with the FSA)

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  1. I was absorbed in this conversation. I have just had to give Santander all my savings to beg them to give me a decent interest rate. They were offering me such a high fix that my mortage became suddenly so high that I was struggling to feed my family properly. Seriously, I have no savings now, if my car breaks down, or there is an emergency, and what will I persuade them with next time. They are like big greedy piranah fish....chumping up my life and making my life only about this endless mortgage which they trap me by playing with interest rates all the time. They also told me that their new lending laws will not allow me to downsize in order to have a smaller mortgage. I have been a customer for 35 years, I have never been in arrears, and I have over 50% equity in my home, but I am not allowed to downsize. I am being forced into staying in a house that is with a mortgage that is big, and I am not being allowed to improve my posistion, even when my children leave home, to downsize. I feel so depressed. I hate Santander. I also went right up to the CEO'S office. I have no powere against them bleeding me dry. Other loans have a regular payment on the interest rate set at the time of the loan. This is just an endless period of time where you are kept a prisoner by the interset rate they set you. I have not given them any high risk behavior yet they treat me like a high risk They take no notice of your payment history.